Trump has declared its readiness for direct talks with Iran

Trump has declared its readiness for direct talks with Iran


Трамп заявил о готовности к прямым переговорам с Ираном

However, experts believe that meeting trump and Rouhani in the near future

WASHINGTON – U.S. President Donald trump made most clear at the moment, the statement that he was open to direct talks with Iran.

During a joint press conference with Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte in the East room of the White house, trump was asked if he was ready to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

“I believe in meeting, – said trump. – Conversations with other people, especially when it comes to the possibility of war, death, hunger and many other things – for that you meet. There is nothing bad in meetings”.

Trump cited his recent talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN and Russian President Vladimir Putin as examples of direct diplomacy with leaders who are considered hostile to US interests.

“So I would meet with Iran if they wanted to meet. I don’t know whether they are ready for it. Now they are going through hard times, – said trump. – I am willing to meet at any time when they want to.”

Answering the question of whether he will put any preconditions for this meeting, trump said, “there are No preconditions. If they want to meet, I will meet”.

In response, Iran said that the path to direct talks with Washington is through the U.S. return to a Joint comprehensive plan of action – officially called the agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program signed by Iran with six world powers.

“Respect for the rights of the Iranian nation, the reduction of hostility and a return to nuclear deal – here are the steps you can take to pave a bumpy road to negotiations between Iran and America,” he tweeted Advisor to Rouhani, Hamid Aboutalebi.

According to analysts, the meeting trump and Rouhani is unlikely to take place soon. They suggest that the desire to hold a direct meeting with Rowhani came from the President of the United States some time ago, but his attempts were unsuccessful.

“I don’t think it will happen in the near future,” said Jarrett Blanc, senior programme officer, geo-Economics and strategy at the Carnegie endowment for international peace.

Iran, with its more complex political structure than the totalitarian model of North Korea, cool attitude to the idea of diplomacy with Washington, especially after trump announced the US withdrawal from the agreement on the nuclear program, which imposed restrictions on the ability of Iran to develop nuclear weapons in exchange for sanctions relief.

Other participants in the agreement work with Iran, trying to save the agreement, while Washington begins to restore sanctions against Tehran, which will come into force in August.