Trump has lifted the restrictions on giving police decommissioned military equipment

Trump has lifted the restrictions on giving police decommissioned military equipment


Трамп отменил ограничения на предоставление полиции списанной военной техники

According to attorney General Jeff and Roman sessions, it will help in the fight against rising crime

The US President Donald trump on Monday eased restrictions on species taken from warehouses of military equipment that the Ministry of defence can be sent out to local police departments across the country. The move is aimed to curb the wave of crime violence in the United States.

As reported by the Prosecutor General at a meeting of police in Nashville, Tennessee, trump wants to ensure that the officers “were life-saving equipment necessary to perform the work, and to make clear that we will not tolerate criminal activity, violence and lawlessness became the norm.”

Trump’s decision removes a number of restrictions imposed by his predecessor Barack Obama. The practice of distributing decommissioned military equipment between police departments have existed since 1990.

The Obama administration came to the conclusion that the use of military-style equipment, including armored vehicles, bayonets and grenade launchers, has only exacerbated the situation during the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014. The protests in Ferguson started because of the death of a black teenager, shot dead a policeman.

However, sessions told law enforcement officers: “We will not allow unnecessary equipment was idle wonder, when you can use it”.

According to him, the decree trump will remove the “previous administration introduced restrictions that do not allow your organs to equipment under Federal programs, including equipment that could save lives. Gear that makes your job safer, including flak jackets from a fabric, Kevlar, helmets, safety equipment-type that is now used in Texas”, where assist residents affected by the floods.

Sessions added that providing decommissioned equipment to police departments is needed to curb the surge in crimes involving violence.

“The number of crimes involving violence has increased significantly, he said. The number of murders in the country in 2015 has increased by almost 11 percent. This is the most impressive figure since 1968. The number of violent deaths per capita rose in 27 of 35 major cities, in some very sharply. In my opinion, there is something very disturbing. It’s not just a coincidence, and we should strive to change this trend before it gets out of control, as happened in the 1960-ies and 70-ies”.