Trump has questioned Russia’s involvement in cyber attacks on USA

Trump has questioned Russia’s involvement in cyber attacks on USA


The US President-elect Donald trump

Photo: Evan Vucci/AP

The US President-elect Donald trump expressed doubts about the Russian involvement in cyber attacks on targets in the United States, an accusation which has become a cause for the expansion of sanctions and the expulsion of Russian diplomats

Donald trump not convinced of the involvement of Russia to break-ins of computer networks of political organizations in the United States during the election campaign, reports Reuters.

The President-elect said that the hacking of the servers of the Democratic party could not stand Russia and some other country. According to him, he knows about the case of Russian hackers, something that others do not know. However, throw more light on this issue trump promised next week.

Trump also spoke about the hope that the U.S. would have “excellent relations” with many countries, including Russia and China.

Thursday, December 29, the administration of incumbent U.S. President Barack Obama announced the extension of the list of anti-Russian sanctions. Washington has accused Moscow of meddling in the electoral process and the pressure on American diplomats. The state Department announced the expulsion 35 Russian diplomats from the United States within 72 hours.

Then trump did not evaluate the actions of Obama, and promised next week to meet with the leadership of the intelligence and to get more information about the evidence of Moscow’s involvement in the cyber attacks. “In the interests of our country and its great people I will meet with the leaders of the intelligence community to get new information about this situation,” — said trump.

However, his adviser and former head of the electoral headquarters of Kellyann Conway saw a political motive in the actions of Obama and said this. “I will tell you that even those who sympathized with President Obama in most matters, it is said that one of the reasons he did so was the desire to limit the freedom of action of the elected President of the trump. Very badly, if the policy here was the primary motivating factor. <…> It has nothing to do with the peaceful transfer of power in a democracy,” said Conway.

“All we hear during the election, is “Russia, Russia, Russia,” she added, describing the flow of “charges and insinuations” as fever. According to Conway, even if Russia is involved in the hacking of the Democratic party, the reason for the defeat of Clinton’s lies in her own failed strategy. “I don’t think Vladimir Putin has prevented her from competing in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan,” said Conway after the announcement of new sanctions and the expulsion of diplomats.

The decision of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin not to send in response to the American diplomats trump has met with approval. “The perfect solution. I always knew he was very intelligent,” wrote trump in his Twitter account.

The White house said trump after taking office may cancel new sanctions against Russia and allow “employees of the Russian special services” to come into the country.