Trump has suggested that US intelligence services were spying on his campaign

Trump has suggested that US intelligence services were spying on his campaign


Трамп высказал предположение, что спецслужбы США следили за его предвыборной кампанией

The President called the “Russian investigation” “fake Democrats”

The US President Donald trump on Thursday again criticized the investigation of the Russian intervention in the elections, stating that the law on the intelligence powers were used to “unscrupulous surveillance” for his campaign headquarters.

No evidence of listening to trump is not provided, however, stated that the law on the supervision of foreign intelligence services “could be used” to spy on his staff, along with “discredited and fabricated” dossiers on its ties with Russia, composed of agents who were paid to his rival Democrat Hillary Clinton.

In one of trump’s tweets quoted the assumption of your favorite morning news programs, Fox and Friends: “File was used for spying on the headquarters of the trump. The FBI used an intelligence tool to influence the election?”

Trump also asked the rhetorical question: “And did not pay whether Democrats or Clinton and Russia? Where is the hidden and broken servers (the National Committee of the Democratic party)? Where the letters of a liar Hillary? Well, it’s a mess!”

A few months ago, trump accused the ex-President Barack Obama listening to his campaign headquarters in a skyscraper Trump Tower in new York. American intelligence denies these allegations.

Meanwhile, the House of representatives voted Thursday on the question of extension of the validity of key provisions of the law that allows the Agency for national security to collect messages and emails of foreigners abroad without permission, even when they communicate with Americans.

Trump said that despite his suspicions about listening during the election campaign, he advocated the extension of the validity of the law.

According to him, the act is intended for “tracking foreign criminals on foreign territory.” “We need it! Turn your head!” – the President said.

Speaking at a press conference Wednesday, trump called “unlikely” that he would have to speak with spectaculorum Robert Muller in the investigation of the case about alleged collusion with Russia.

The President has repeatedly stated that “no conspiracy” was not, and added: “it Seems unlikely that will be a conversation.” Earlier he said that there is “absolutely” a chance that he will agree to talk with Muller.

“Conspiracy is, but actually it is a conspiracy between the Democrats and Russia, – said the President. – The witch hunt continues.”

Mueller told trump’s lawyers that his team would like to speak with the President as part of the investigation, which trump calls “the trick of the Democrats” in order to justify an unexpected defeat Clinton in the election.

Mueller headed the investigation, called to establish if the relationship between Russia and the election headquarters of the tramp, and did the President try to obstruct justice when fired FBI Director James Comey, who headed the investigation of the Russian case to Mueller, who was appointed against the will of the trump.

Two close trump’s former national security Advisor, Michael Flynn and a member of the election headquarters of George Papadopoulos – pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI. Former campaign Manager Manafort the Floor and his partner, Richard gates, charged with money laundering in connection with their lobbying efforts in the interests of Ukraine.

Team Mueller questioned several close trump, including his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and former chief of staff of the Raines of Primus. Your inquiry about Russian interference in the elections conducted by several congressional committees.