Trump has suspended some trade preferences to Ukraine

Trump has suspended some trade preferences to Ukraine


Трамп приостановил некоторые преференции в торговле с Украиной

The United States trade representative said that this is due to the inability of Ukraine to ensure the effective protection of intellectual property rights

US President, Donald trump has decided to suspend some preferences in trade with Ukraine over weak intellectual property rights protection in this country, reported the office of the U.S. trade representative.

“President trump has sent a clear signal that the United States will actively enforce the criteria for obtaining privileged access to the us market,” said U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer.

“Beneficiaries have to make a choice – either they work with the U.S. trade representative, to meet the criteria for obtaining trade preferences, or they will face enforcement action, he added. – The administration is committed to do everything to other countries to fulfill its part of obligations in our trade relations.”

According to the U.S. trade representative, the partial suspension of Ukraine’s participation in the generalized system of preferences “caused by its failure to provide adequate and effective protection of intellectual property rights, despite the support and assistance of the US government for several years.”

In a statement, trade representative States that the President in this case has decided to release a notification for 120 days, because “the government of Ukraine there is a real way to rectify the situation, including improvement of the existing legal regime governing the payment of royalties to the organizations that rights-holders.”