Trump has threatened General Motors with tax increases

Trump has threatened General Motors with tax increases


Chevy Cruze model 2016 at the presentation in Detroit

Photo: Paul Sancya/AP

The future President criticized the U.S. made in Mexico cars

The US President-elect Donald trump (takes the presidency on 20 January 2017) has threatened General Motors with tax increases if she does not refuse from the sale in the United States released in Mexico cars.

“General Motors supplies dealers in USA made in Mexico Chevy Cruze and not pay taxes when crossing the border. Do US a big edge up or pay the tax!” — wrote trump on his page on Twitter.

To import duty-free in the U.S. released in Mexico, the car allowed by the rules of the agreement on North American free trade area (NAFTA), which trump during his election campaign promised to terminate.

On the eve of elections trump has repeatedly criticized a major U.S. company for the withdrawal of production capacity outside the country and promised to take measures for their return to the country. Among these measures was then still a candidate for President and referred to the introduction of 35 percent duty on vehicles imported into the country from Mexican plants, Ford, GM and other companies.

According to the Mexican Association of the automotive industry, 80% of all domestically produced cars are exported, 86% of them are exported under NAFTA in USA and Canada. In 2015, Mexico has exported 2.8 million passenger cars (fourth largest in the world), of which 1,993 million was in the United States. Mexico auto industry provides 3.2% of GDP and about 900 thousand jobs.