Trump held the first new year meeting of his Cabinet

Trump held the first new year meeting of his Cabinet


Трамп провел первое в новом году заседание своего кабинета

As one of the main priorities of the President called the adoption of the immigration act

On Wednesday, the President of the United States Donald trump held the first new year meeting of his Cabinet at the White house.

Before the meeting, in the presence of journalists, trump said that his administration intends to pay attention to the increase in Federal libel laws, which currently are a “sham and disgrace”. This statement was made several days later after the President threatened to sue Michael Wolfe, author of the new controversial book “the fire and the fury: inside the White house the trump.”

At the beginning of Cabinet meetings trump also noted the “tremendous achievements” over the 2017 new presidential administration. In particular, in creating jobs, simplifying business rules, the implementation of tax reform, which, according to trump, will increase the annual income of the average American family for about 4 thousand dollars.

Trump also said that one of the most important issues today is the adoption of a comprehensive compromise Republicans and Democrats, the immigration act. According to the President, a bipartisan group of lawmakers has focused on the study of the main problematic issues of the bill: the security of national borders, the fight against “chain” immigration, visa lottery the future and fate of living in the U.S. children of illegal immigrants – the so-called “dreamers”.

Ultimately, the new law, said trump, should contribute to strengthening the country’s security and prosperity of Americans.

Touching upon foreign policy issues, trump said he supported the very fact of the beginning of consultations between Seoul and Pyongyang, the purpose of which is to reduce tensions on the Korean Peninsula ahead of the upcoming there the winter Olympic games. However, the President added that his administration will closely monitor the situation in the region.