Trump in Nevada: presentation to the veterans

Trump in Nevada: presentation to the veterans


Трамп в Неваде: выступление перед ветеранами

The main thesis of the President’s call for unity

The President of the United States Donald trump speaks on Wednesday before a friendly minded towards him by the audience in Reno, Nevada. The main message of his speech – addressed to the country’s call for unity.

In the prepared address to the national Congress of the “American Legion” (an organization of veterans of war) trump emphasizes that “it is time to heal the wounds that separated us, and try to find unity based on common values that unite us”. The text of the speech includes the following sentence: “We are one people, we have one homeland and one flag.”

Before trump spoke in Phoenix, Arizona, where he stated that he is ready to risk a budget crisis for the sake of fulfilling his campaign promise to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

In Phoenix trump also once again criticized the media for coverage of his reaction to the events in Charlottsville where the far-right rally turned into riots, during which killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer. Trump was criticized for the fact that laid the blame for the incident on both sides.

It is known that the mood of the performances trump often varies dramatically over short periods of time, as happened on Monday in his long-awaited speech on military strategy for Afghanistan. In this speech the President sounded conciliatory notes: he urged the U.S. to “once again become a country that is not at war with itself”.

Some progressive protest groups said they were going to meet trump on arrival at Convention center Reno. Organizers stress that the protests will be peaceful.

After a speech in Reno trump plans to sign a bill that will speed up the process of obtaining benefits for veterans. According to estimates by the White house, now meet their filings waiting for 470 000 veterans.