Trump in Tennessee: speech to farmers

Trump in Tennessee: speech to farmers


Трамп в Теннесси: выступление перед фермерами

The focus – proposals to stimulate the agricultural sector

The US President Donald trump on Monday went to Tennessee, where he intends to tell about their attempts to help the residents of rural areas about the benefits of tax reform and economic development plans, and then visit a football match.

Trump would be the first President in 25 years, the speakers at the Congress of the Federation of American farmers. During his visit to Nashville he will report that, according to the White house, contains proposals to stimulate the lagging sector of the U.S. economy.

On Monday the White house released excerpts of the prepared speech of the President. Trump plans to say that the bill will be beneficial primarily “working families, small businesses and family farms”.

The law on tax reform, which trump signed last month provides for generous tax cuts for corporations and the richest layers of the population, and a more modest reduction for citizens with low and middle income countries.

Trump also plans to emphasize the doubling threshold of estate duty and the possibility to immediately write-off the cost of new equipment for companies. “Every decision we make honors the proud legacy of American farming,” – said in excerpts from the President’s speech.

Central to the report is the idea that to equalize conditions in rural areas need opportunities and that providing access to broadband Internet should remain a priority for the administration, said the special assistant to the President for agriculture, trade and food aid, ray Starling. The authors of the report call to speed up the permitting process for expansion of access to broadband Internet in rural areas and to simplify the process of placing cell towers on Federal lands.

According to Starling, in the course of his speech, trump will emphasize the benefits of tax reform for farmers and small businesses. The President will also celebrate their efforts to quash adopted under the Obama administration’s interpretation of the clean water Act, which expanded the list of water bodies under Federal jurisdiction.

The report of the working group on agriculture also stresses the importance of combating the opioid crisis has hit particularly hard in the countryside.

From Nashville, trump will travel to Atlanta, where he will visit the match of the teams in the Crimson Tide of Alabama and the Bulldogs from Georgia in the national championship of College football.