Trump instructed advisers to consider returning to TTP

Trump instructed advisers to consider returning to TTP


Трамп поручил советникам рассмотреть вопрос о возвращении в ТТП

The United States out of international trade agreements in 2017

The President of the United States Donald trump instructed its advisors on trade and the economy to consider the issue of joining TRANS-Pacific trade partnership, which he left last year.

This was announced by White house spokesman Lindsay Walters.

On Thursday, meeting with groups of senators, Republicans, trump said that he had instructed U.S. trade representative Robert Leitheiser and Economics Advisor Larry Cadley to resume negotiations on the TPP.

“The President has repeatedly said that he is willing to consider an agreement which would be significantly better, including in his speech at Davos this year,” recalled Walters.

TTP aims to remove trade barriers in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as confronting the growing economic and diplomatic influence of China.

Trump withdrew from the agreement in 2017, explaining its decision by concerns about job losses.