Trump instructed to revive the program of long space flights

Trump instructed to revive the program of long space flights


Трамп поручил возродить программу дальних космических полетов

The President called it an important step in returning Americans to the moon that will become the Foundation to send humans to Mars

Promising that “America will once again reach the moon,” President Donald trump on Monday instructed NASA to revive the program of manned space research, which was suspended in 2011.

“This is an important step in returning American astronauts to the moon for the first time since 1972 for long-term studies and use, – said trump. This time we not only establish our flag and leave our footprints, but also lay the Foundation for a mission to Mars. And, perhaps one day to many distant worlds”.

At a ceremony in the White house, held in the presence of several current and former astronauts, trump paraphrased Neil Armstrong who stepping on the moon in 1969, said, “That’s one small step for man but one giant leap for mankind.”

“It is a tremendous step to inspiring the future and the restoration of the Grand destiny of America in space,” said trump.

Present at the ceremony were two of 12 people who walked on the moon. Is Edwin Aldrin set foot on its surface soon after the historic step, Armstrong, and Harrison Schmidt – member of the crew of “Apollo 17” the last manned expedition to Earth’s satellite, held in 1972.

Trump noted that the signing ceremony takes place exactly 45 years after the day when Schmidt walked on the moon, together with the commander of the “Apollo 17”, Eugene Cernan.

Trump has long said that he wants the United States returned to large-scale space research. In March, he signed the first in more than six years, the document of approval allocation for NASA, approving a “phased approach to research,” with the long-term goal of sending a man to Mars.

In June he signed a decree on the restoration of the National space Council, the head of which was appointed Vice-President Mike Pence.