Trump intends to fight for a mutually beneficial trade

Trump intends to fight for a mutually beneficial trade


Трамп намерен бороться за взаимовыгодную торговлю

The President said he was ready to conclude bilateral agreements on the basis of mutual respect and mutual benefit

Da NANG – the US President Donald trump has expressed its firm position on the question of trade at the APEC summit in Vietnam, saying that the U.S. will no longer tolerate the systematic abuse and intend to insist on fair trade rules and equality.

According to trump, the United States is ready to conclude an agreement on bilateral trade with any country of the Indo-Pacific region, but only on the basis of “mutual respect and mutual benefit”.

“Now, when the United States engage in trade with other countries or peoples, we will expect that our partners will diligently follow the rules,” said trump, speaking in Vietnam, which became the fourth country in its Asian tour.

“We expect that markets will be equally open to both parties, and that the investment will lead private investors, not government planners,” added the President.

Restoring the balance of trade between Asia and the United States – one of the Central points of his program “America first” aimed at protecting American workers.

The stark contrast between the approaches of the US and China became apparent when, after trump gave a speech the leader of China, XI Jinping, who has called globalization an irreversible trend, and speaking in support of the multilateral trade agreements.

Probably in order of competition with the Chinese initiative of “One belt and one road”, trump said he will urge the world Bank and the Asian development Bank to provide funding for non-state infrastructure projects.

According to the President, it “will provide reliable alternatives to state initiatives, which involve numerous conditions”.

“First of all we need friendship, we did not dream of domination,” he added.