Trump intends to strengthen sanctions against Iran

Trump intends to strengthen sanctions against Iran


Трамп намерен усилить санкции против Ирана

In October, trump said that Tehran’s policy is not consistent with the terms of the agreement 2015

The US President Donald trump may in the coming hours to pass new sanctions against Iran, again to stop the abolition of sanctions against Iran’s nuclear program. This is reported by numerous news agencies. On Thursday, the President held a meeting on the Iranian issue with his national security team.

By law, the US administration needs every 90 days to confirm whether Iran agreement in 2015, which he signed with a group of leading world powers and which limited the Iranian nuclear program. This period of certification, the current Friday.

In October, trump said that Tehran’s policy is not consistent with the terms of the agreement of 2015, known as the Joint comprehensive plan of action, or (JCPOA). However, trump has canceled the re-introduction of harsh sanctions against the energy sector of Iran that existed before.

Trump’s decision may disappoint the group of Iranian immigrants, refugees, and human rights activists who had hoped for tougher action from the US administration, which strongly supported the anti-government protests in many Iranian cities on the part of the President trump, who sharply criticized the nuclear deal.

The Minister of Finance Steve Mnuchin, answering the question of “voice of America” on the briefing at the White house on Thursday, suggested that actions trump will attract the attention of the Tehran regime.

“The President has made clear that it is necessary to change many aspects of the deal with Iran, said Mnuchin. – There is a lot of action outside the Iranian deal, whether it’s a ballistic missile, whether it be other problems that we will continue to authorize, which are outside of the transaction (JCPOA)…”

Specialist on Iran and senior fellow for research in the middle East in the new York Council on foreign relations ray Takeyh says that trump is trying to respect the difficult balance between maintaining relations with allies who want to keep a deal with Iran and intelligence community that represents their assessment of the destabilizing role of Iran in the middle East.