Trump is convinced that the investigation into Muller puts US in a...

Trump is convinced that the investigation into Muller puts US in a “very bad light”


Трамп убежден, что расследование Мюллера выставляет США в «очень плохом свете»

The President again criticized the investigation about the Russian intervention in elections

The US President Donald trump said that the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller about the alleged Russian interference in the elections puts U.S. in a “very bad light”, and again denied the existence of collusion between his campaign headquarters, and Moscow.

During a spontaneous 30-minute interview with the New York Times on its Golf resort in West palm beach, the President is not required to terminate the investigation of the Russian case, but 16 times stressed that it is not revealed “no conspiracy”.

“This puts the country in a very bad light, puts her in a bad position, – said trump. – The sooner this is settled the better for the country.”

Trump reiterated that the accusations are invented by the Democrats “as a fabrication, as cunning as a justification for their defeat in the elections.”

According to the President, “everyone knows” that his aides did not conspire with Russia, but there are “real stories” about the Democrats who collaborated with Russia during the election campaign.

“Collusion was not. But I think it will be fair,” trump said of Mueller.

Recently surfaced with messages criticizing trump, written by the FBI, which was expelled from the team Muller. Lawmakers-Republicans insist that this is evidence of political bias of the FBI.

At one of the hearings this month, a member of the house of representatives from Ohio Republican Jim Jordan said that “public confidence in this process has been lost”.

Trump expressed his regret that the attorney-General Jeff sessions pulled away from the investigation of the Russian case.

Answering a question on, whether he intends to instruct the Ministry of justice to reopen the investigation about the emails, Hillary Clinton, trump continued to talk about the investigation into Russian business.

“I have every right to do with the Ministry of justice that anyone,’ he said, echoing the words of many of his supporters who believe that the President has the right to open and close investigations. – However, in the hope that I will do the right thing, I’m not going to intervene in this particular case”.

A few hours later after his statement that China is secretly supplying oil to the DPRK, trump for the first time openly said that took “too soft” stance toward China on trade issues, in the hope that the country’s leaders will put pressure on North Korea and force it to abandon the nuclear weapons program.

While trump has hinted that his patience may soon come to an end, and expressed outrage at the alleged deliveries of oil.

“North Korea receives oil. We did not agree! he exclaimed, allowing the probability of an aggressive trade measures against China. If they don’t help us with North Korea, I’ll do what I always wanted to do.”

Noting that during his visit to China he was treated better “than anyone in the history of China”, trump still stressed that Beijing should make greater efforts to help the situation with North Korea.

“We are on the verge of nuclear threat, which is bad for China,” he said.

“China can do more to help us and must do it, – said trump. – They need more to help us. We are on the verge of nuclear threat, which is bad for China, bad for Russia, bad for everyone.”