Trump is heading to the disaster zone in Texas

Trump is heading to the disaster zone in Texas


Трамп направляется в зону бедствия в Техасе

The President urged Congress not to delay the allocation of financial aid to affected areas

On Tuesday, the President of the United States Donald trump and his wife Melania attend the Texas city of Corpus Christi and Austin. The President wants to place to find out what was being done to rescue of people and liquidation of consequences of hurricane “Harvey”.

At the moment there is no information that the President may also visit Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States, where there was catastrophic flooding, where evacuation of many thousands of people whose homes were flooded. It is expected that the number of evacuated residents of Houston will reach 30 thousand.

On Monday, trump said that the residents of Texas and Louisiana affected by the hurricane and ensuing floods in the coastal areas of Texas and neighboring Louisiana, are entitled to “very fast actions” of the U.S. Congress in the allocation of financial assistance for disaster relief and infrastructure restoration.

“You will have what you need, and it will be quickly,” – said the President, referring to the residents of the affected areas.

Trump has already declared 18 districts (counties) in Texas and Louisiana a disaster area, which allowed them to obtain Federal aid. Texas Governor Greg Abbott made similar statements to 54 districts to accelerate the flow of aid from the state government.

The President said trump, now in the rescue operations in Texas involved 8 thousands of employees of Federal agencies, including employees of the Federal Agency for emergency management (FEMA).

According to preliminary estimates, the total damage from the hurricane “Harvey” will amount to tens of billions of dollars.