Trump is in the Philippines to attend the ASEAN summit

Trump is in the Philippines to attend the ASEAN summit


Трамп находится на Филиппинах для участия в саммите АСЕАН

On the day of arrival of the President of the United States to Manila in the Philippine capital held anti-American demonstration

The US President Donald trump on Sunday arrived in Manila to participate in the summits with the leaders of Southeast Asia who look forward to this meeting, but have some suspicions.

The presidential plane arrived in Manila shortly before 18 o’clock local time, after about 3,500 Filipino demonstrators tried to March to the U.S. Embassy. The protesters demanded that trump left, and accused the US government in the pursuit of waging wars abroad. Recall that the Philippines is about 50 years were depending on US.

“We know that America wages war around the world, in all third world countries, where they are trying to penetrate – said the participant of the action – 23-year-old Christine Gabardo. American imperialism only brings war and destruction.”

One of the posters read: “dump trump – terrorist number one!”

One of the organizers of the protest became a small political party of the left. Thousands of employees of riot police blocked the protesters way to the Embassy or places where there should be a trump, which will take part in the summits of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

“The Philippine government simply does not serve the people of the Philippines, said Cabardo. – Even the soldiers and the Philippine national police are not here to serve and protect. They serve and protect the status quo, the United regime the United States and Duterte, the puppet regime of this government.”