Trump is promoting his plan to update the infrastructure

Trump is promoting his plan to update the infrastructure


Трамп продвигает свой план обновления инфраструктуры

The President will talk about their proposals for repair and restoration of roads, bridges, airports and other infrastructure elements

The US President Donald trump on Thursday will visit the city in Richfield, Ohio. The topic of his speech – a plan of infrastructure renewal, which involves the use of $ 200 billion of Federal funds to encourage investment in the amount of at least 1.5 trillion dollars over ten years for repairs and replacement of highways, bridges, ports, airports and other infrastructure.

Trump announced its ambitious plan for infrastructure in February, presenting it in such a way as to enlist the support of both parties. However, the plan calls for large investments on the part of state authorities and authorities of local level, which caused congressional concern about the possibility of increasing tolls and the sale of assets to raise funds.

It is unlikely that Congress will introduce the plan in the spirit of trump’s proposals or that controlling both chambers, Republicans will make their own bill, while legislators focus their attention on the upcoming elections.

Instead, Congress is planning to adopt a package of similar measures, including increased spending on infrastructure as part of a major budget bill, which the President signed last week. The bill providing government funding until September 30, provides for the allocation of additional funds for transportation projects, the conduct of broadband Internet in rural areas and other initiatives.

The speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan in one of his tweets called the plan “long-awaited upgrade of the infrastructure of our country.”

Trump last appeared in public on Friday, criticizing Congress adopted the budget.

In recent days, the President has made relatively few public statements – except for a series of tweets about the trade and scheduled a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. However, a spokesman for the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders has denied speculation that he is trying to keep a low profile.

“He was extremely active all week,” said Sanders, Recalling trump adopted measures in the field of trade and his decision to expel Russian diplomats.

Previously, trump has stated that the recommendations on infrastructure for it is not as important as efforts to reduce taxes and increase defence spending.

“For me it is very important to armed forces, tax cuts and regulation,” said trump in February, presenting the plan to leaders of States and local authorities in the White house.

As expected, in Ohio trump will also pay attention to the new report of the Council of economic advisers the White house that its plan for infrastructure within 10 years to make a modest contribution to the economy and help to employ hundreds of thousands of unemployed.