Trump meets with the President of Uzbekistan

Trump meets with the President of Uzbekistan


Трамп встречается с президентом Узбекистана

The focus of bilateral relations and cooperation on Afghanistan

In the afternoon, the President of the United States Donald trump meets with the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirzieev. The agenda of the meeting issues of bilateral economic relations and the problems of cooperation in Afghanistan.

This is the first visit of the new Uzbek leader to the White house. The administration of the trump hopes that the visit will further improve bilateral relations.

Immediately after the start of the Afghan campaign on the territory of Uzbekistan was hosted a us military airbase. However, Washington has repeatedly criticized the Uzbek government for human rights violations. Today Uzbekistan remains the key link for us supplies to Afghanistan.

Earlier, the White house said that President trump will note the improvement of the situation in Uzbekistan, but call the leader of this country to pay more attention to human rights issues.