Trump: new agreement on “dreamers” will not

Trump: new agreement on “dreamers” will not


Трамп: нового соглашения по «мечтателям» не будет

Earlier, the President expressed willingness to support young undocumented immigrants, if Congress will allocate money for the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico

The US President Donald trump on Sunday said that a new agreement on the fate of young illegal immigrants caught in the United States in childhood, will not.

The deferred action program for arrivals in the U.S. children (DACA) was put into effect during the presidency of Barack Obama and allowed a minor, which was imported into the United States illegally, to remain in the country legally to work or study.

Trump announced the closure of this program in September, but gave Congress six months on the development of a permanent solution for participants in this program.

However, despite the efforts of Democrats in the recently adopted law on government expenditure, signed by trump, no mention of measures to protect participants in DACA, which is often referred to as “dreamers.”

Previously, the Democrats called for Republican leaders to bring up for a vote in the House of representatives a number of proposals for DACA. Meanwhile, a Federal judge demanded that the administration trump upheld some provisions of the DACA to the consideration of the relevant lawsuits in court.

Trump has expressed its willingness to support measures to protect program participants DACA if Congress will allocate funds for the construction of the proposed wall on the border with Mexico.

In one of Sunday’s tweets, trump wrote that “no agreements on the DACA program will not be”.

In addition, he accused Mexico that the country’s authorities of “doing very little, if not nothing” to stop the flow of migrants to the United States. While trump has threatened to stop the North American free trade agreement (NAFTA).

“All these huge streams of people trying to take advantage of DACA,” he wrote in the following tweet.

It is expected that representatives of the United States, Canada and Mexico will meet in may in the United States to participate in the eighth round of negotiations on the NAFTA, although Washington has not yet announced a specific date.