Trump noted the importance of “restoring the bonds of love”

Trump noted the importance of “restoring the bonds of love”


Трамп отметил важность «восстановления уз любви»

The President spent Christmas at his mansion in Florida surrounded by family

President Donald trump on Christmas day noted the importance of “restoring the bonds of love” between the people and thanked the American military for their service.

Trump, who celebrated the occasion surrounded by family in Florida, has published a short video in which he and his wife Melania wished “America and the world a very merry Christmas.”

The first lady said at this time of the year you can see children Packed Christmas gifts for the military, and people come together to help each other, and this is the manifestation of “the best qualities of America and the soul of the American people.”

“In these joyous days we spend time with our families, we are rebuilding the bonds of love and goodwill between our citizens and, most importantly, we celebrate the miracle of Christmas,” said trump, Recalling the history of the birth of Jesus Christ.

“The good news – the greatest Christmas gift, the reason of our joy and the true source of our hope,” said the President.

However, the President even worked on Christmas day.

Press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that the President was informed about the explosion caused by suicide bomber in Kabul on Monday. Responsibility for the attack, which killed at least six people, has taken the group “Islamic state”.

Trump also encouraged the American troops who spend the holidays away from their families.

“Every American heart is grateful to you, and we ask God to protect you and your family,” he said, addressing the soldiers of the Army, Navy, air force, marine Corps, and US Coast guard via video link from his estate.

Trump thanked each of the armed forces, but awarded special praise Coast guard, which impressed him with the rescue operations in the period of devastating hurricanes.

“You have done an incredible job in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico,” said trump.