Trump on the launch of North Korean missiles: “all options open”

Trump on the launch of North Korean missiles: “all options open”


Трамп о запуске северокорейской ракеты: «возможны все варианты»

Once launched, the President talked to the Prime Minister of Japan about the growing threat from Pyongyang

The US President Donald trump said after another missile launch in North Korea that “all options”.

North Korea “has shown disregard for its neighbours, to all members of the UN and to the minimum standards of acceptable international behavior,” the statement said trump, which published the press service of the White house. “Threats and destabilizing actions only reinforce the isolation of the North Korean regime in the region and among all countries of the world. All options are possible”.

The rocket launched by North Korea on Tuesday morning, flew over Japanese territory.

President trump after starting spoke by phone with his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe, noting that North Korea is “a serious and growing direct threat” to both countries.

“President trump and the Prime Minister Abe is firmly determined to increase pressure on North Korea to make every effort to convince the international community to do the same,” – said in the White house.

The rocket flew high over Japanese territory in about 10 minutes after launch, was divided into three parts and fell into the Pacific ocean East of Hokkaido island, according to the government of Japan.

The launch marked the end of the month pause in missile tests, which the us government interpreted as a manifestation of “restraint.” President trump in this regard, said last week that North Korean leader Kim Jong UN “begins to respect us”.