Trump once again called the “Russian investigation” a witch hunt

Trump once again called the “Russian investigation” a witch hunt


Трамп вновь назвал «российское расследование» охотой на ведьм

The President criticized Senator Feinstein for the publication of testimony from the hearings about the Russian intervention in elections

The US President Donald trump on Wednesday once again criticized the investigation of Russian interference in presidential elections in 2016, calling it the largest witch hunt in American history.

Using Twitter, trump again said that “no collusion” between his campaign headquarters, and Russia was not, and that all, including Democrats, “know that collusion was not, and yet it all continues.” “Russia and the whole world is laughing at the folly that they see,” wrote the President.

He added that lawmakers-Republicans “it’s time to finally take control of” the investigations. Currently, Congress conducted several investigations into Russian. One more thing – a criminal investigation headed by spectracolor Robert Mueller, in the past served as head of the FBI. None of the investigations have not yet been completed and not able to come to any conclusions.

Trump also made a criticism of Senator Diane Feinstein, who on Tuesday published the transcript of the testimony of the head of the company, Fusion GPS, who compiled the dossier on trump’s ties with Russia.

“The fact that the crafty Diane Feinstein, who repeatedly said that the evidence of collusion between trump and Russia was found, published this testimony is so tricky and, perhaps, illegally, without any permission, it’s a shame,” said trump, calling to give her a “complex primary”, although Feinstein is a Democrat, and trump is a Republican and has no impact on the political balance inside the Democratic party.