Trump outraged by the fact that the NFL receives tax benefits

Trump outraged by the fact that the NFL receives tax benefits


Трамп возмущен тем, что НФЛ получает налоговые льготы

The national football League receives benefits from the state, although it no longer has tax-exempt status

The US President Donald trump on Tuesday criticized the most popular sports League in the country – the National football League expressing outrage at the fact that she still “gets huge tax breaks”, although refused tax-exempt status two years ago.

Tramp for some time waging verbal war against more than 200 NFL players, mostly African Americans, who in recent games was down on one knee during a performance of the national anthem to protest against racism in the United States and discrimination of minorities by law enforcement.

Трамп возмущен тем, что НФЛ получает налоговые льготы

On Tuesday, trump wrote on Twitter: “Why the NFL gets huge tax breaks, while showing disrespect for our Anthem, Flag and Country! To change the tax laws!”

NFL for many years enjoyed the status of an organization that is not taxable, thus saving millions of dollars that were highly controversial, however, voluntarily renounced this status in 2015.

However, many League teams get significant tax breaks from the state governments and local authorities for not being transferred from cities, for which play, as well as the construction of huge stadiums with taxpayers ‘ money. However, this arrangement of local character, the tramp and the Federal government can not influence.

Two days ago, Vice-President Mike Pence left the game NFL in his native Indiana after about a dozen players on the team San Francisco 49er knelt during the anthem before the game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Pence said that he left the stadium, as stated, that like trump, “I don’t intend to dignify with their presence any event where disrespect for our military, our flag or our national anthem.”

Later, trump wrote on Twitter that he had asked Pence “to leave the stadium, if any of the players will bow the knee, showing disrespect for our country.” He added that he was proud to Pence and his wife Karen.

In the NFL claim that the protesting players have the right to enjoy freedom of speech, which is guaranteed them by the Constitution. However, the team owner Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones announced that the players kneeling during the anthem, will not be allowed to participate in matches.