Trump praised the actions of Mexico against the “caravan” of migrants

Trump praised the actions of Mexico against the “caravan” of migrants


Трамп высоко оценил действия Мексики по отношению к «каравану» мигрантов

On the eve the President signed a decree on the deployment of the National guard on the southern border

The US President Donald trump made a praise addressed to the Mexican authorities, due to the fact that they broke up the “caravan” of refugees from Central American countries to prevent “a huge scandal” on the border with the United States.

On Thursday morning, the President in one of the tweets said “strong immigration laws of Mexico and its willingness to use it”. This happened a few hours after trump, saying that the situation has reached a “critical point”, signed a decree on the direction of the forces of the National guard on the border with Mexico to help in the fight against illegal immigration and drug smuggling.

“Lawlessness, which continues on our southern border, is fundamentally incompatible with the security and sovereignty of the American people,” wrote on Wednesday, trump in his decree, adding that the administration “has no choice”.

Internal security Minister Kirsten Nielsen stated that he is working with governors of southwest border States to agree on how many National guard troops would be sent and where they will be placed.

Comments trump connected with media reports that a large group of migrants moved in the direction of the United States. The organizers of the “caravan” with the claim that the migrants had not planned to go to the us border.

He added that “the number of border crossings still reaches unacceptable level.”