Trump promised “very soon” withdraw us troops from Syria

Trump promised “very soon” withdraw us troops from Syria


Трамп пообещал «очень скоро» вывести американский контингент из Сирии

The President said that the country has already spent too much money on middle East war

The US President Donald trump has declared that American troops “very soon” leave Syria, and expressed his indignation about the fact that, according to him, Washington has spent on middle East war a total of seven trillion dollars.

In his speech to the workers of industrial enterprises in Ohio trump said that us forces close to fully oust the militants of the “Islamic state” with the once occupied territories.

“We will leave Syria very soon. Now let others take care of her,” promised the President to loud applause.

Trump did not specify who exactly can take care of Syria, however, a significant role in the country played Russia and Iran supporting the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

“Very soon we’ll be gone. We will take control of 100 percent of the territory of the so-called Caliphate and do it quickly,” – said the President.

“But we will leave very soon. We will return to our country, where is our place where we want to be,” he added.

Currently, in the East of Syria there are about 2,000 American troops, cooperating with local militias in the fight against is militants, while trying not to intervene in the civil war.

Trump’s willingness to withdraw from the conflict completely contradicts the new strategy on Syria, which announced in January the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, subsequently dismissed.

Tillerson said that the us forces should remain in Syria to prevent the return of IG and “al-Qaeda” and not to give Iran the opportunity to “further strengthen its position in Syria.”

Speaking at Stanford University, he also warned that “the complete withdrawal of the American contingent at the moment would lead to the restoration of Assad’s forces and continued his ill-treatment population.”

Now, however, Tillerson, of resignation which became known from Twitter, resigned from his post, and trump, are increasingly making political statements, without consulting with generals and diplomats, wants to leave Syria.

“We spent in the middle East seven trillion dollars. And you know what we got to show for it? Nothing,” said trump, promising to focus Federal funds on job creation and infrastructure development in the country.