Trump reiterated that collusion between its staff and Russia was not

Trump reiterated that collusion between its staff and Russia was not


Трамп вновь заявил, что сговора между его штабом и Россией не было

At the beginning of the trial of Paul Manafort the President made the statement that conspiracy is not a crime

The US President Donald trump said Monday that “conspiracy is not a crime”. This statement was made at the beginning of the first trial under a Federal investigation for “Russian case”, which is headed by spectracolor Robert Mueller. .

“Conspiracy is not a crime, but it doesn’t matter, because no collusion was not (unless the liar Hillary and the Democrats)!” – trump wrote in his “Twitter”.

On Tuesday in Virginia begins trial against the former campaign Manager of trump Paul Manafort, who is accused of tax and Bank fraud. Spectacular Mueller is trying to install, has joined the campaign headquarters trump in collusion with Russia with the purpose to influence the outcome of the presidential elections in 2016.

Although technically a conspiracy charge is not provided, Mueller can bring charges of conspiracy if it considers that the members of the campaign staff conducted similar activities.

The trump denies that his entourage worked with Russia to promote his victory over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Moscow also denies meddling in the elections.

69-year-old Manafort indicted on 18 counts, mostly due to the fact that he hid a significant portion of $ 60 million received for lobbying work in the interests of Pro-Russian policy in Ukraine is in foreign Bank accounts and not pay taxes on that amount.

The conviction Manafort can give impetus to the investigation of Mueller, who at the moment have charged 32 people and 3 companies have received several confessions. Recall that the investigation has been ongoing for 14 months.