Trump requires a meeting of the UN Security Council on the unrest...

Trump requires a meeting of the UN Security Council on the unrest in Iran


Трамп требует заседания Совета Безопасности ООН по волнениям в Иране

White house adviser Herbert McMaster said the “Voice of America” that the Iranians are deeply disappointed by their own government

WASHINGTON – Donald trump has tried to increase pressure on “cruel and corrupt” regime in Iran against the background of the sixth day of anti-government protests in the country.

Trump has demanded an extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the unrest, which killed 21 people, mostly from among the demonstrators, speaking with a sharp criticism of the leadership of the Islamic Republic.

“The Iranian people finally spoke out against the cruel and corrupt Iranian regime,” wrote trump on Twitter.

Press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders also criticized on the regime, accusing him of squandering Iran’s “wealth on the extension of the activities of insurgents and terror abroad instead of ensuring prosperity of the country.”

“The prices of everyday goods and fuel are rising, while the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps is spending the national wealth to foreign militant groups, and in the process, they also enriched themselves,” she said.

Meanwhile, White house adviser on national security Herbert McMaster in an interview with “voice of America” Greta van SUSTEREN said on Tuesday that the Iranians are deeply disappointed by the policy of their own government.

“The Iranian nation expresses its disappointment – the disappointment of the regime that pays more attention to the export of terrorism than to meet the needs of their own people,” said McMaster.

McMaster said Wang SUSTEREN that the Iranian government should be held accountable for their actions.

“It is important that this regime has lost the resources necessary to continue his murderous campaign, so we are talking about diplomacy, but also on sanctions. We see that the Iranian nation expresses dissatisfaction with the nature of this regime, how he treats people, but also how he treats the rest of the world,” said McMaster.