Trump: Russia could intervene in the election, but not only she

Trump: Russia could intervene in the election, but not only she


Трамп: Россия могла вмешаться в выборы, но – не только она

The President said that “nobody knows for sure” who was behind the interference in the elections in 2016

The US President Donald trump said Thursday that Russia might interfere in last year’s presidential election, but they could interfere with other players.

“I think it was Russia, and I think it could be other people and countries. Those who intervened, it could be a lot, – said trump at a press conference in Warsaw before leaving for the summit of “Big twenty” in Hamburg. – Really nobody knows. Nobody knows for sure”.

Approval of trump at odds with the conclusions of the American intelligence community, which concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally ordered a campaign to discredit the American elections and undermine the reputation of the opponent trump, former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Intelligence came to this conclusion in August, three months before the November election, in connection with which tramp once again wondered why his predecessor, former President Barack Obama “did nothing”.

Trump said: “Why didn’t he do? As I understand it, the CIA informed him that it was Russia. It was widely reported. And he did nothing in this regard. They say he hesitated. So I don’t think that’s the case. I think he believed that Hillary Clinton will win the election and decided to do nothing. If he thought differently, he would have done something”.

My skepticism about the conclusions of U.S. intelligence about Russian interference in the elections trump explains that 14 years ago, the intelligence erroneously concluded that the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein accumulated in the country of weapons of mass destruction, and then was ousted by U.S. military intervention in 2003.

“I remember I sat and listened about Iraq, about weapons of mass destruction, – told the trump. – How it all could be 100 percent sure that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. And guess what happened? From this came a huge mess. They were wrong. And the result was confusion”.

American intelligence has concluded that Russia last year through the social network in the U.S. spread false stories about the elections and hacked computer files of the head of the election headquarters Clinton John Podestà. Subsequently, WikiLeaks almost every day for several weeks before the election published thousands of e-mails Podestà containing sensitive details about behind the scenes efforts of Democrats, designed to help Clinton win the primaries.

Clinton called the publication of these letters is one of the reasons for his defeat in the elections, which, according to polls, she had to win.

In his Warsaw speech after the press conference, trump has accused Russia of “destabilizing behavior” in international Affairs that Moscow denies.

In Washington, some Senate Democrats said that if trump does not make Putin allegations of Moscow’s interference in US presidential elections, it would mean a serious breach of the obligations of trump as President.

Adam Schiff – the senior Democrat at the house Committee on intelligence – said that allowing ambiguous remarks about the Russian intervention, trump “does not put America in first place, but continues to distribute its own fancies at the expense of the country.”

On Friday, Trump will be the first time to meet with Putin and to hold bilateral talks on the sidelines of the summit, however, it is unclear whether there to discuss the Russian intervention in elections.

In the United States are numerous investigations on the case of Russian intervention.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller leading an investigation designed to determine whether employees of the electoral headquarters of the trump entered into an agreement with the Russian authorities to help Trump to win, and did the President obstruct justice by firing the former head of the FBI James Comey, who headed the investigation of the Russian case to Mueller.

Trump acknowledged that he thought “about Russia” when I fired the Komi Republic, and in General it speaks disparagingly about the investigation, claiming that the Democrats are trying to use Russian intervention to justify their defeat in the elections.