Trump said about the responsibility of Russia for hacker attack

Trump said about the responsibility of Russia for hacker attack


The US President-elect Donald trump

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The US President-elect trump on the first of July the press conference said that Russia was behind the hacking attacks on the servers of the democratic party. He said that information about the alleged presence of Russian dirt on him — a lie

Relations with Russia

Most of the first since July last year, press conference of Donald trump was the subject of his alleged relations with Russia. To trump the future of the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer and future Vice-President Mike Pence said that BuzzFeed and CNN have published false information about trump, claiming that the Russian authorities have dirt on him. Trump said that this material was not supposed to be published but the news itself called “fake”. Trump declined to discuss his meeting with the secret services, where he was informed about the presence of this file. “It’s a shame that this information came out. It’s all made up news,” said trump.

Trump thanked the Russian authorities for the fact that they denied the information published by BuzzFeed. Earlier, on Tuesday, press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin has no dirt on elected President of the United States, and his rival at the last presidential election, Hillary Clinton. Published on the eve of the BuzzFeed report on the dirt on trump Sands described as “another fake”.

“I think it was Russia, but I think we are exposed to hacker attacks from other countries. We have a lot of hacker attacks,” commented trump accusations against the Russian authorities in the organization of hacker attacks that have been made by President Barack Obama. Trump said that recently met with leading representatives of the computer industry, and promised to develop a protection system against such attacks. According to him, the national Committee of the Democratic party was open to attacks because they were not properly protected.

Commented on trump and his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I hope we’ll get along. But there is a considerable likelihood that it will not work <…> If Putin said that he highly appreciates me, is an asset, not a liability”, he said. He also expressed confidence that if Putin had dirt on trump, he would have published it. The President-elect also assured the audience that he has not had any transactions in Russia.

In the papers published by BuzzFeed, it was reported that the trump hotel Moscow followed. He said that he always warns his employees to be careful in hotels, as in any country they may be under surveillance.

Speaking about future relations between Russia and the United States, the President-elect said that Putin will no longer organize a hacker attack. Rebooting relations, similar to conducted at the beginning of the presidency of Barack Obama, trump promised: “We will either get along or not.” Trump is confident that Russia, China, Japan, Mexico, all countries will respect US much more than under previous administrations.

The President

At the beginning of the press conference, trump thanked the American car companies, particularly Ford because of their intention to build new plants in the USA. He also said that the country needs to return and the pharmaceutical industry, and to introduce a new procedure of public procurement of medicines. He repeated his campaign promise to revise the healthcare reform adopted by President Barack Obama. The outgoing President in his farewell speech on the eve said that the reform helped to provide insurance to 20 million people. No explanation on how it will carry out reform, trump gave.

Trump is also not abandoning its promise to build a wall on the border with Mexico. A neighboring country in one form or another will pay for it, he assured. A day earlier, Mexico’s foreign Ministry stated that it will not Finance the construction.

While working in the White house trump withdraws from all positions in his company the Trump Organization, said at a press conference his lawyer Sheri Dillon. “All investments and business assets in the Trump Organization have been or will be transferred to the trust until 20 January,” she said. Business development will deal with the sons of the President. Trump has promised that the company will not carry out transactions in other countries to avoid any conflict of interests.

At the press conference, trump repeated the postulates put forward during the presidential campaign, with no new specifics, notes americanist Areg Galstyan. Regarding the Russian issue, his rhetoric became more cautious, but in General he repeated what was said earlier about the need for the development of relations, experts say.