Trump said his proposals for preventing attacks in schools

Trump said his proposals for preventing attacks in schools


Трамп уточнил свои предложения по предотвращению нападений в школах

The President explained that offers to give arms only to teachers with experience in handling

The US President Donald trump on Thursday attempted to clarify his idea is to give guns to teachers, to prevent attacks in schools, stressing that meant only teachers with experience in the handling of weapons, military or other training.

The next day after an emotional meeting with victims in incidents of mass shooting in schools, trump published several tweets in which he said that “only the top 20 percent of teachers that many will now be able to immediately return fire if some madman burst into the school with bad intentions.”

“Well-prepared teachers will serve as a deterrent to scoundrels that do such things. Much more assets for less money than security. “School, free of weapons,” – a magnet for bad people. The attacks will stop!” – added trump.

At a meeting with victims Wednesday, trump said: “If you had a teacher who knows how to handle a gun, he would be able to end the attack very quickly.” He added: “of Course, we are talking only about people having a large experience in gun handling and concealed carry weapons – that is, teachers would be carrying weapons, but not in sight.”

Trump also said that “the problem could be solved by” placing in schools ex-servicemen”. “We very carefully consider this issue,” he said.

At some point the President asked those present: “Everyone likes this idea?”

A few people raised their hands. Then the President asked who don’t like the idea, and raised his hands significantly more people – mostly schoolchildren, relatives and teachers, directly affected by mass killings in schools.

Later, at an event in Florida, which was attended by the survivors of the attack at the school named after Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, where on Wednesday former student shot and killed 17 people, Senator Marco Rubio told the crowd that does not support the idea of arming teachers.

Answering numerous questions from the pupils, parents and teachers, Rubio also said that tightening control over the circulation of weapons in itself will not prevent new attacks, although he supported the idea of introducing an age limit for the purchase of rifles and ban devices that allows you to shoot bursts.

County Sheriff Brower, where her school, said that school police now carry rifles, however, rejected the idea of issuing weapons to teachers.

On Thursday, trump will hold the White house for another meeting on security in schools: this time with representatives of the authorities of the state and local level.