Trump said that he trusted Scott Pruitt in respect of which under...

Trump said that he trusted Scott Pruitt in respect of which under an ethics investigation


Трамп заявил, что доверяет Скотту Прюитту, в отношении которого ведется этическое разбирательство

The white house conducts a review in relation to the head of the Agency for environmental protection who rented housing from a lobbyist

The US President Donald trump said that he trusted the head of the Agency for environmental protection Scott Pruitt against whom in the White house under an ethics investigation.

Before leaving for West Virginia the President asked if he trusted still Pruitt, and trump answered “Yes”.

Proceedings against Pruitt started due to the fact that he rented housing in the prestigious district of Washington at $ 50 per night in townhouse,

HART is lobbying the interests of energy companies which are regulated by the Agency for environmental protection (EPA).

Deputy press Secretary of the White house, Gigli Hogan said in an interview with Fox News that trump demands from members of his Cabinet to the strictest ethical standards. “We understand this question because… the President wants this level of accountability from everyone who works for him”, he added.

In late March, the ethics office EPA recognized that Pruitt did not commit the violations, taking illegal gifts from the lobbyist in the form of discounts for rental housing, saying that in the same area rented an apartment at the same or lower price.

However, the office issued a document, dated April 4, which says that the last trial was not considered violated Pruitt and other ethical standards in a situation with the lease.

The head of the ethics office EPA Kevin Minoli wrote in this paper that when the proceedings were not taken into account other provisions of Federal ethical standards, such as requirements to avoid behaviors that may lead to doubts about the impartiality of officials.