Trump said that his “nuclear button” bigger and more powerful than Kim...

Trump said that his “nuclear button” bigger and more powerful than Kim Jong UN


Трамп заверил, что его «ядерная кнопка» больше и мощнее, чем у Ким Чен Ына

Earlier, North Korean leader said that the DPRK could launch a nuclear strike anywhere in the continental US

The US President Donald trump said that his “nuclear button” bigger and more powerful than button North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

His tweet, posted Tuesday night, the President responded to the new year address of Kim Jong UN, in which he again threatened the US with nuclear weapons.

North Korean leader said his desktop is “nuclear button” and that “the entire territory of the continental United States is within the range of a nuclear strike” on North Korean missiles.

Trump ridiculed this statement, writing: “Please, someone from his exhausted and starving country, tell him that I, too, have a nuclear button, and it is much larger and more powerful than him, and my button works!”

Earlier Tuesday, trump seemed more open to a possible inter-Korean dialogue after his new year message, Kim Jong-UN made a rare initiative, addressed to South Korea.

However, the US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley said that the negotiations will be meaningless if North Korea does not get rid of its nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile, in an interview with “voice of America” Greta van SUSTEREN on Tuesday, the White house adviser on national security Herbert McMaster expressed concern about the continuation of the work of Pyongyang’s weapons of mass destruction, saying that “North Korea is engaged in distribution of any weapon with which she is confronted”.

McMaster expressed the hope that Kim Jong-UN and his generals will realize that “continued pursuit of nuclear weapons and missiles will lead them into a dead end.”

“The only way to end this now, not counting the war, is economic coercion, which mainly is in the hands of China, but also depends on other countries,” he added.

McMaster added that “the positive trend is that more and more countries, cease all trade with North Korea”.

“Vietnam, for example, the Philippines, the list is actually quite long,” – said the national security adviser.