Trump says ‘many’ border crossers use children for ‘their own sinister purposes’

Trump says ‘many’ border crossers use children for ‘their own sinister purposes’


President Trump accused migrant parents who cross the U.S.-Mexico border with their sons and daughters of using these children to further “their own sinister purposes.”

Trump says ‘many’ border crossers use children for ‘their own sinister purposes’

Trump then claimed the United States has the “dumbest” and “worst” immigration laws in the world. He encouraged the American people to vote for Republican candidates in the upcoming midterms so that Congress can amend these laws.

He also threatened to shut down the government unless Congress passes border-security legislation that includes building a wall separating the U.S.-Mexico border.

An hour earlier, Trump shared a quote from Thomas Homan, the former director of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which was responsible for carrying out the administration’s policies. On Fox News’ “Watters’ World,” Homan said, “There’s been nobody that has done more for border security and public safety than President Trump. And I’ve worked for six presidents — I respect them all — but nobody has done more than this administration and President Trump. That’s just a stone-cold fact.”

Trump’s rhetoric and policy proposals surrounding immigration and the U.S.-Mexico border have been controversial ever since he announced his presidential campaign in June 2015.

Last year, he warned he would end former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which gave temporary legal status to the children of undocumented immigrants.

But the administration’s policy of referring all instances of illegal entry for criminal prosecution, which was announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in April, has resulted in thousands of families being separated at the border.

The separations resulted in waves of compassion for the immigrants and condemnation for Trump — even from his steadfast supporters. The Trump administration repeatedly attempted to shift the blame to the Democrats for its own policy and falsely claimed it had no choice but to separate the families.

On June 20, Trump signed an executive order halting his administration’s policy, but there are still many questions about how the remaining hundreds of children will be reunited with their parents.