Trump thanked Norway for its commitment to Atlantic solidarity

Trump thanked Norway for its commitment to Atlantic solidarity


Трамп поблагодарил Норвегию за приверженность атлантической солидарности

The US President took the White house head of the Norwegian government

On Wednesday, the President of the United States Donald trump and the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna, Solberg held a joint press conference held earlier in the day of talks at the White house. During the meeting the participants discussed the objectives of cooperation in the framework of NATO, combating international terrorism, as well as issues of trade and investment.

Speaking at a press conference, President trump thanked Norway for its commitment to Atlantic solidarity, while urging the official Oslo to increase defense spending to 2 percent, as required by the recommendations of NATO.

Also, answering questions of journalists, the President reiterated his assertion about the absence of any collusion between his campaign headquarters, and Russia. He called talk of a conspiracy like the “fake Democrats”.

Trump said about the importance of maintaining direct contacts with other countries in the interests of international security, be it Russia, China or India.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg has refrained from a direct answer to the question about Russian intervention in the American elections. While it reiterated its commitment to a common European position on the question of Russia’s annexation of the Ukraine owned Crimea.

Solberg said that the official Oslo supports the European sanctions against Russia, even though they create certain difficulties for the Norwegian economy.

The head of the Norwegian government also called for dialogue with Russia – in particular, the issues of security and cooperation in the Arctic.