Trump: the DACA program, “probably dead”

Trump: the DACA program, “probably dead”


Трамп: программа DACA, «вероятно, мертва»

According to the President, the Democrats are not interested in the program, but the opportunity to talk about it

The US President Donald trump said Sunday that the Federal program that protects young immigrants from deportation, “probably dead”, because the Democrats “really don’t want it,” and I just want to have the opportunity to speak on this subject.

The fate of the program that protects from deportation some 800 thousand immigrants who were brought to United States in childhood, was at the center of political debate in Washington. It has become part of the debate between the White house and Congress on extending government funding, is necessary in order to prevent the partial suspension of work of government institutions. Current funding for Federal agencies expires next Friday at midnight.

The trump rejected the proposal by six senators – three Republicans and three Democrats – to extend the deferred action Program for arrivals in the U.S. children (DACA), which protects young immigrants from deportation. The legislators also called for other changes in immigration policy, including increased funding for border security with Mexico, where trump demands to build a wall to reduce illegal immigration.

According to some reports, at a recent meeting in the White house, trump repeatedly called Haiti, El Salvador and African countries “stinking hole” (s—hole countries), asking why immigrants from these countries should be allowed into the United States. Attributed to Trump’s statements have caused international outrage.

In several tweets on Sunday trump accused the Democrats of trying to “deprive our armed forces of much-needed money” in the discussion of immigration problems and funding.

“As President, I want our country came to the people who will help us to become stronger and to regain our greatness, people who come in the framework of a system based on merit. No more lotteries! America first” – he wrote on Twitter.

Trump calls to close the immigration lottery, in which some foreigners on the basis of random selection was given the opportunity to legally immigrate to the United States. The President says that other countries are going to America now potential terrorists and least educated citizens.