Trump: the strategy may “frustrate” the trade deal with the United States

Trump: the strategy may “frustrate” the trade deal with the United States


Трамп: стратегия Мэй «сорвет» торговую сделку с США

The President does not approve the plan of the British Prime Minister to withdraw from the EU

President Donald trump said that the United States is unlikely to make a commercial Treaty with great Britain, if plan, Prime Minister Theresa may “broksita” will be executed.

“If they enter into such an agreement, we will deal with the EU instead of UK, so it will probably kill the deal,” said trump in an interview with the conservative British newspaper the Sun.

According to trump, Mei ignored his advice on how to negotiate withdrawal from the European Union. “I would have done it differently – he said, commenting on the plan may. – I told Theresa may how to do it, but she didn’t listen to me”.

According to the President, the so-called “soft brakcet”, advocated by may, went in the “opposite direction” in comparison with its recommendations that “very depressing”.

Offer may was finalized on Friday, and then immediately resigned, two members of her Cabinet: Minister of foreign Affairs of Boris Johnson and the Minister “broksita” David Davis, I don’t approve of her approach.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun trump also noted that Boris Johnson would make a “great Prime Minister”. “I think he has the right qualities,” the President said.

The Sun belongs to media Mogul Rupert Murdoch, a close ally of the President, who also owns favorite channel trump Fox News.

Earlier, trump expressed a desire to enter into an exclusive trade agreement with UK. The opportunity to discuss this question with may was presented to the President on Thursday evening when he attended a reception organized in his honour by the Prime Minister in Blenheim Palace, where Winston Churchill was born.

At the reception the couple took a helicopter that allowed us to avoid riots in the streets, where on the occasion of the arrival of trump held numerous demonstrations.

On Friday, the President will again use a helicopter to visit the Royal military Academy Sandhurst, the Prime Minister’s residence, Chequers, and Windsor castle.

According to the White house, Checkers trump and may discuss foreign policy.

In Windsor, the President and the first lady will take the Queen of great Britain Elizabeth II.

Trump has long expressed a desire to meet the Queen, but for Elizabeth’s meeting with the American President – are not uncommon. Since his coronation in 1952, she met with 10 leaders of the United States.