Trump threatens to sue Bannon

Trump threatens to sue Bannon


Трамп грозит судом Бэннону

The scandal erupted because of the book containing criticisms of Steve Bannon


The US President Donald trump has threatened the former chief White house strategist Steve’bannon lawsuit over “defamatory” statements about the son and son-in-law of the President in connection with their meeting with a group of Russians during the election campaign of 2016.

On Wednesday, trump said that Bannon “lost his mind”. This happened after the appearance of reports critical reviews’bannon in the book “Fire and fury: the White house if trump” Michael Wolff.

In the book’bannon called the June 2016 meeting Donald trump Jr. and other retainers of his father with representatives of Russia’s “treacherous” and “unpatriotic” act. At the meeting organized after the Russian side promised to provide compromising evidence on the competitor trump, Hillary Clinton, was attended by Donald trump Jr., son of President Jared Kushner and by Paul Manafort, who was then a post of the head of the electoral headquarters of the trump.

Bannon also expressed confidence that trump Jr. led the Russians to his father, and suggested that the investigation of relations between approximations of trump and Moscow focus on the issue of money laundering.

The lawyers of the President on Wednesday sent’bannon a letter of warning, stating that he had violated the existing agreement, conversing with Wolfram about trump, his family and campaign staff and allowing himself disparaging statements about them.

It is reported that the personal trump’s lawyer Charles harder said that “a lawsuit is inevitable.” It is unclear whether lawyers are going President sue and Wolffe, whose book gives a devastating assessment of the presidency of the trump.

In the last months before his unexpected victory in the elections trump relied heavily on the help of’bannon, who heads the news site Breitbart News, espousing far-right positions.

Subsequently, the President appointed’bannon for a strategically important position. Bannon became an influential figure, but in August was dismissed. Bannon returned to Breitbart and reportedly continued to communicate regularly with trump. He declined to comment on trump’s statement, in which the President also played down the role of’bannon in his victory in the elections and accused him of leaks.

‘bannon helped Trump to build a populist platform directed against the establishment, and liaison with the conservative electorate. It is unclear how the spat with trump will affect the campaign’bannon against the Republican establishment, and will he act with attacks on the President or, on the contrary, will subside.

According to CNN, on Thursday, answering the call of the radio listener Breitbart News, Bannon said, “Nothing will ever come between us and President trump and his agenda.”

In the ranking of the largest online store in the world Amazon, the book “Fire and fury: the White house if trump” for the day took first place in the bestseller list.