Trump under fire for alleged obscene expression

Trump under fire for alleged obscene expression


Трамп под огнем критики за приписываемое ему нецензурное выражение

A sharp review of the President in Haiti and African countries shocked the congressmen during a meeting on immigration

WASHINGTON – U.S. President Donald trump shocked the congressmen in their negotiations on issues of immigration, allegedly calling Haiti and the African States “SaaS…of other countries” (the”s-hole countries”).

“Why would people come to us from all these SaaS…eign countries?” the President said, according to the Washington Post, The New York Times and CNN.

He added that the United States should accept more immigrants from countries such as Norway, the Prime Minister who yesterday met with him in the White house.

Answering questions from the media, the official representative of the White house Raj Shah has not denied reports that trump used a rude expression in Haiti and Africa.

It is also reported that trump promised to reject “temporary, weak and dangerous half measures that… prevent immigrants wishing to achieve a better life in the United States legally.”

“Voice of America” contacted the offices of legislators allegedly were present at the meeting. Congressional aides declined to comment on trump statements.

Allegedly, trump made a sharp comment at the time when the democratic Senator from Illinois dick Durbin talked about the senators made a bipartisan agreement, which is intended to protect from deportation nearly 800,000 young immigrants and to strengthen border security, writes the Washington Post.

By Thursday evening, the legislators began to respond to the messages about the review of the trump.

Member of the house of representatives of the legislative Assembly of the state of Minnesota Ilhan Omar, in 2016, became the first native of Somalia who have received post in the legislative bodies of the United States, issued a statement in which he stressed that is not ashamed of the country where he was born.

“But rest assured that I feel shame, distaste and anger about the fact that the leader of the USA does not see anything beyond their own privileged position and is not able to assess the diversity, which made it a great country for many generations,” added Omar, representing the Democratic-farmer-labor party.

Republican Congressman MIA Love, whose family came from Haiti, called the President’s comments “are unkind, inconsistent, arrogant and contrary to the values of our country.”

The Senator from Arizona Republican Jeff Flake on Thursday wrote on Twitter: “My ancestors came from countries not as prosperous as the one we live in today. I’m glad they found a warm welcome”.

A member of the house of representatives Michelle Lujan Grisham, the head of the Hispanic Caucus in Congress, called the statement of trump’s “shameful, disgusting and inappropriate for the President”.

The white house on Thursday evening, sharply responded to criticism, saying: “Some Washington politicians prefer to fight for the interests of foreign States, but President trump will always fight for the American people.”