Trump urged Russia to help solve the problem of North Korea

Trump urged Russia to help solve the problem of North Korea


Трамп призвал Россию помочь решить проблему Северной Кореи

The US President and the Chinese President XI Jinping discussed several hot issues, including the nuclear programme of the DPRK and bilateral trade

BEIJING – U.S. President Donald trump, who is expected to meet with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin at the APEC summit in Vietnam this week, on Thursday appealed to Moscow for help in resolving the conflict with North Korea.

“I call on Russia to help curb this potentially tragic situation,” he said, noting that economic ties between Moscow and Pyongyang.

The call came after meeting trump with the President of China, XI Jinping, when the US President said that he and the Chinese leader can decide, “this could be the” problems of the world.

Trump and XI Jinping discussed a number of pressing topics in the second day of the White house in China. Among them are the willingness of Beijing to exert pressure on North Korea in connection with its nuclear program and us-China trade relations.

Trump exuded confidence on both issues. According to him, he and XI Jinping believe that the “solution” of the North Korean problem exists.

Trump publicly called on XI Jinping to put pressure on North Korea so that it had abandoned the program of creation of nuclear weapons. He said that China can solve the problem “easily and quickly”.

“If XI Jinping will make every effort, it will happen, – said trump. – There is no doubt.”

He said that trade relations between the two countries, which, he lamented, “far from normal”, be “fair and wonderful for both of us.”

During the visit of the President of trump Beijing China and the United States signed a commercial contract with a total value of 206,5 billion.

The agreement, signed Thursday at a ceremony in the presence of trump and XI Jinping, included contracts for the sale of microprocessors, jet engines and automotive parts.

“I look forward to many years of success and friendship when working together not only to solve our problems, but world problems, problems relating to serious threats and security, trump said in between meetings at the House of the people. – I believe that we can solve almost all of them, perhaps all.”

XI Jinping said that between him and trump has been profound exchange of opinions, and they reached consensus on many issues of mutual interest.

“For China, cooperation is the only real choice, the only win-win situation, which can lead to a better future”, he said.

XI Jinping said that China and the United States over the past year strengthened the dialogue on all fronts and intensified cooperation on important international issues such as the Korean Peninsula and Afghanistan.

“Relations between China and the United States are at a new historical starting point,” said the Chinese President.

“China will not close its doors and opens them widely,” he said, adding that foreign companies in China, including us, will see that the market becomes “more open, more transparent and more streamlined”.

Before the talks, held behind closed doors, the Chinese government made Trump a Grand reception that included a special welcoming ceremony in the square before the House of the people.