Trump urged the country to forget about the differences

Trump urged the country to forget about the differences


Трамп призвал страну забыть о разногласиях

In its response to the weekly address, the Democrats accused the President of the United States of “inciting hatred”

President Donald trump has delivered a weekly address to the nation, Recalling that this week he has twice performed in front of servicemen and veterans of the Armed forces of the United States.

“Our country is proud of everyone who decided to wear a military uniform, he said. They represent different regions of our country, are the representatives of different races and religions. But they all give one oath, Strazhitsa in the name of one purpose and acting as one team for common ideals”.

According to Donald trump, Americans should benefit from the experience of the military in order to overcome racial, ethnic and social differences.

“We must remember that our soldiers know better than anyone that we are one people, we have a shared house and one of the great American goal,” said the President of the United States.

In the traditional response to the weekly address of the President, the Democratic party has accused Donald trump of inciting hatred and support of violence in the country.

“Today, our main commander “Twitter” trying to deepen the existing differences, to sow seeds of strife and Stoke the fire of violence, the Congressman said Jim hymes on behalf of the opposition party. Democrats stand for the empowerment, prosperity, innovation and creation of new jobs. We will achieve these goals and nothing can distract from that.”