Turkey will be deprived of citizenship escaping abroad of participants in the...

Turkey will be deprived of citizenship escaping abroad of participants in the rebellion


Tanks on the streets of Ankara. 16 Jul 2016

Photo: AP

Who had taken refuge abroad, the participants of the coup attempt in Turkey in July 2016 will be deprived of the citizenship, if within three months they will not return to the country at the request of the investigation or trial

The Turkish government has acquired the right to revoke the citizenship of individuals suspected of involvement in a coup attempt in July 2016, if, while abroad, they refuse to appear before judicial or investigative bodies within 90 days, according to NRT.

The appropriate authority was received by the government under the regime of a state of emergency.

On Friday, January 6, in Turkey, was dismissed around six thousand police officers, civil servants and scientists. By decree 2687 dismissed police officers, 1699 officials from the Ministry of justice, more than 630 scientists, 135 employees of religious ministries and 838 people from the Ministry of health. In addition, the ruling said that overseas persons suspected of involvement in the coup attempt, will lose their citizenship unless they return to Turkey within three months.

According to the Agency, from July 2016 120 thousand people were removed from their posts or temporarily ceased to perform his duties. More than 40 thousand people were imprisoned in the pretrial order. In relation to 100 thousand of persons under investigation.

Turkey continues to operate the state of emergency that was imposed in the night from 16 July 2016. In 2017 January 4, Turkey’s Parliament decided to extend this regime for three months starting from January 19.