Turned off auto update Windows 10? In jail!

Turned off auto update Windows 10? In jail!


Windows 10 has many different features and capabilities, to understand which is sometimes very difficult. However, users of this OS say that one of its main drawbacks is the forced download of all updates and their subsequent installation on the computer. Does not help even a manual setup. If the function is disabled, the next time you reboot the computer it turns back on, the updates will continue to boot to the internal drive and then installed automatically. This is a very many do not like. But Microsoft your opinion on this matter.

Single user Windows 10 from Russia decided to ask on the official Microsoft forum about how to completely disable Automatic updates. The fact that the person uses drive for small capacity (32GB), and a large part of its volume already occupied by the operating system files. One of the official moderators of the community replied that to do it categorically it is impossible, because of this, Microsoft can apply for user (legal user) to the court.

The moderator under the name Grand_Ross said that disabling the automatic updates feature in Windows 10 operating system, is a direct violation of two Russian laws – articles 1229 and 1235 of the Federal Law 230-FZ “Civil code of the Russian Federation”. A Microsoft employee reported that forced rejection of the auto-update qualifies Russian Law as illegal use of the software and therefore can carry a very specific legal consequences.

In other words, Microsoft can sue any user of the Windows operating system 10 in Russia for disabling auto-update. The employee said that for this violation can incur not only administrative, but also criminal responsibility stipulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. We are talking about article 146 “Infringement of copyright and related rights” of the Criminal code, which provides imprisonment for the term up to six years and a fine of up to 1 million rubles.

The other moderator was supported by his colleague and provided additional information, which said that when you start using Windows 10, you automatically agree with license agreement, one of the points which clearly indicate the following:

“By accepting the terms of this agreement, you consent to receive automatic updates of this type without any additional notice.”

Thus, disabling auto-update is strictly forbidden, and all those who do it contrary to what is written in the license agreement, immediately will be in contravention of two of the Russian laws. A Microsoft spokesperson added that the only way to opt-out of automatic updates is to stop using Windows 10.