Twitter refused to ban trump

Twitter refused to ban trump


Twitter отказался забанить Трампа

The social network said that the accounts of world leaders have a special status

Company Twitter said that accounts belonging to world leaders in her social network have special status. This is a response to the demands of those who called the Twitter ban a President of the United States Donald trump.

In a statement published in the corporate blog, reads as follows: “the Blocking of world leaders or the removal of their controversial tweets will result in withholding vital information.” Previously Twitter has declared that it considers the controversial tweets from the point of view, in particular, their news values and public values.

The debate about the tweets of Donald trump, which is a personal account, @realDonaldTrump, has flashed with new force after he wrote that his “nuclear button” is much more than the North Korean leader Kimi Jong-UN.

Trump’s critics claim that the presence of trump in this social network threatens peace and violates the prohibition of the publication tweets threatening. On Wednesday at the headquarters of Twitter in San Francisco even passed a small protest.