Two French Macron and Le Pen

Two French Macron and Le Pen


Political analyst Igor Ignatchenko — about why the election race in France is reminiscent of the confrontation between trump and Clinton

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The main intrigue of the presidential elections in France is a probable confrontation in the second round of the leader of “National front” marine Le Pen and former socialist leader of the movement “Forward!” Of Emmanuel Macron, the historical struggle between traditionalism and postmodernism.

If at the beginning of December 2016, according to various opinion polls, the Makron has gained only 16% and took the third place in the presidential race, but now, according to some, he is even ahead of marine Le Pen in the first round of elections. In the second round, according to forecasts, the Makron will also prevail over Le Pen — 61% against 39% of the vote.

So who is this Emmanuel macron, perhaps a future President of France, whose final victory a couple of months ago it seemed unthinkable?

He defends the ideals of libertarianism, postmodernism, economic liberalism, the deepening of European integration, the strengthening of supranational authorities of the EU and the wide reception of migrants in the wider Middle East.

“Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are” — says the famous proverb. “Nerve center” of the Macron is a consulting company Liegey Muller Pons, created after the victory of the socialist Hollande in the 2012 election by three young French political consultants: Guillaume Liege, Arthur Muller and Vincent Pons. The French press have already nicknamed them “the Bostonians,” as the team was formed in the United States of America in 2008: Liege and Muller studied at Harvard and Pont at the Massachusetts Institute of technology. Behind them participation in the successful election campaign of Barack Obama in 2008 and in the presidential campaign of françois Hollande in 2012.

“We globalists. The concept of “borders” has for us no meaning,” said Arthur Mueller publication Liberation in 2014. “I live in London, but pay my taxes in France, I crossed Europe up and down, it’s absolute freedom,” echoed after him Guillaume Liege.

The team of Macron, as he himself expresses moderately left-wing liberal leanings and much closer to the American Democrats than the French socialists, a disciple of which a short time was the Makron in 2006-2009.

The team of Macron carefully omits relevant to French left the question of social justice.

You know that behind of makrona is the major financial capital of France in the face of the Rothschild clan, where he worked as an investment banker at Rothschild & Cie Banque. It is noteworthy that the second President of the Fifth Republic, Georges Pompidou before his election was CEO of Rothschild Bank. History seems to be repeating itself. Great support for “Anglo-Saxon” beliefs and evroatlantist to have a Macron and bureaucrats from the EU, seeing it as the social-liberal the last hope of a United Europe.

But if the Makron wins this year, improving Russian-French relations is definitely not going to happen, most likely they will remain at the same level during the reign of Hollande, that is in the lowest point. “I want to lead a demanding dialogue with the Russian authorities in the framework of the Minsk process to achieve the lifting of sanctions — but this assumes the conditions of the process,” said Emmanuel macron at the press conference following the presentation of his election program. He noted that to resolve the Syrian conflict it is necessary to speak with Russia, “as well as with other regional authoritarian powers with which we share values, but which are indispensable partners in building peace in the middle East.”

Another thing marine Le Pen, embodying different France, conservative and traditional, tired of living in fear from migrants in their own home and striving for Union with Russia.

The political struggle in France is more like a confrontation between Donald trump and Hillary Clinton, where trump represents Le Pen, but Hillary Clinton is a macron, with a staff which he had contact. Which of the two France will win, globalist or national, we’ll find out.

Author — frankovic, associate Professor of the Ranepa, member of the Russian historical society

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