Uber has released a video demonstration of the flying taxi

Uber has released a video demonstration of the flying taxi


A short video illustrating the future air taxi, which is Uber, appeared on the website of the company. The video briefly talks about how passengers can use aircraft, the launch of which is planned for 2020.

Judging by the video, the flight to taxi aircraft will be made over long distances and between key points located on the skyscrapers, and travel to the place of destination will be performed with the aid of conventional cars.

The concept of a flying taxi was introduced by the company back in 2016, but about how it will all work, began to tell recently. So, to take a seat in the aircraft, arrived on a call, the client will be required to climb onto the roof of the building and proceed to the boarding area, using your smartphone as a travel. The flights will be operated with an employee of the company on Board.

In 2020, the test aircraft will take place in three cities — Dallas, Dubai and Los Angeles. In addition to working on own transport, in Uber, in conjunction with NASA are preparing a new concept of air traffic safety, which will take into account the specifics of the new air taxi and other Autonomous aircraft.