Uber promised not passengers after exiting the taxi

Uber promised not passengers after exiting the taxi


Uber refused to “spy”

The company Uber has decided to remove from its app taxi search function that allows you to track the location of a passenger after he completed the trip. The Uber Director of security Joe Sullivan (Joe Sullivan) confirmed this to the news Agency Reuters. Changes will be made in the next update of the app that iPhone users will receive this week. On Android devices, the update will be deployed later, the company did not specify when.

According to Sullivan, when Uber began to track the location of passengers after the trip, the company’s management are not clearly explained to customers what the benefit of this approach, and so the innovation attracted criticism. Sullivan admits that Uber is not enough expertise to issues of privacy. The situation should change with the arrival of the Gifts Khosrowshahi (Dara Khosrowshahi) for the post of chief Executive. That he will replace Travis Kalanick (Travis Kalanick), it became known two days ago.

“Spying” Uber

The Uber app always track location of their users during their trip. According to the company, this is done for safety of passengers and improve service. Before “spying” were limited only by time travel. In addition, if the passenger does not wish to share such data, he could just close the application, after which the tracking is automatically stopped.

Uber will change its controversial approach to the privacy of passengers