Ubisoft has engaged in research in the field of artificial intelligence

Ubisoft has engaged in research in the field of artificial intelligence


The theme of artificial intelligence in recent years is becoming increasingly important. And not only for large corporations producing cars or involved in science, but also among manufacturers of video games like the French company Ubisoft. For anybody not a secret that video games use simplistic algorithms that control certain game characters, virtual road traffic, and also regulate many other processes. It seems that the leadership of Ubisoft wants to bring this technology to a new qualitative level.

Ubisoft was founded separate from the main company unit called La Forge, whose staff will focus on research in the field of artificial intelligence. Moreover, these studies will be aimed not only at improving artificial intelligence in video games, but also to use it in science and technology. As employees of the new units were not only proven specialists to Ubisoft, but also specifically hired to do this, scientists, for many years engaged in research in the field of AI.

As an example of the influence of game AI in reality Ubisoft has created a small demonstration on the basis of their own games Watch Dogs 2. It staff La Forge has recreated an exact copy of the San Francisco Bay, then launched it dense road traffic and pedestrians, which, of course, entrusted to artificial intelligence. Experts say that such simulations are suitable for virtual learning AI to control an unmanned vehicle in an urban environment. The car does not have to ride on real streets, as the simulation accurately reproduces the real conditions.

In the development of La Forge are also several other interesting projects. For example, an AI that will be able to give realistic movements of robots and mechanical prostheses. Another unusual application of artificial intelligence will be a system that tracks the improper conduct of players in massively multiplayer online games. Something like this for quite some time trying to implement several major gaming companies. So far, unfortunately, to no avail. But who knows, maybe that’s what Ubisoft can do it for the first time.