Ubisoft presented the game assistant named Sam

Ubisoft presented the game assistant named Sam


The company Ubisoft decided to follow the universal trend and has studied artificial intelligence. Video game developer introduced a personal gaming assistant, Sam. Judging by the female (though robotic) voice, Sam is short for Samantha. The main purpose of Sam is to help your players. Digital assistant will share tips and useful information, to process data from the player profile, game library, friends list, community and Ubisoft.

Voice or using the text assistant you can ask any question about games and Ubisoft. Sam will be directly connected with the account of the player at Ubisoft, and this will allow it to analyze the activity of players and give each of them individual hints and tips for those places, which the players had difficulties, or were skipped. Players can use it to learn about the release date of the games, find and watch trailers, learn about the secrets and Easter eggs, buy this or that game or just to discuss with Sam the best characters of a game from Ubisoft.

The digital assistant is in the stage of open beta testing. For its operation it is necessary to use the free mobile app Ubisoft Club. However while Sam only supports English, and the testing takes place only on the territory of Canada. Gradually, the developers plan to expand the area of testing, and the range of its capabilities.

Based on Sam using a cloud-based service Dialogflow Enterprise Edition of Google. This technology will continue to be used by developers for processing requests from the players and provide answers. The programme will provide frequently asked questions and to Supplement the database Sam.