Udmurt Deputy refused won “Rosneft” fields

Udmurt Deputy refused won “Rosneft” fields


The Deputy Of The State Council Of Udmurtia, The Aleksey Chulkin

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The company Udmurt Deputy “UDS-energy” refused to pay 2.8 billion rubles for the license to the station in Yakutia, in the struggle for which she went to “Rosneft”. Now the site will be put up for auction again

The company “UDS-energy” controlled by the Deputy of the state Council of Udmurtia Alexei Culkin, refused to pay for a license to Borovichskiy oil and gas area in Yakutia, which she won in late August, ahead of the auction giants, as “Rosneft” and NOVATEK. “I bring to your attention that the company “UDS-energy” refuses to pay the balance of a single payment at Broadscope site of subsurface resources”, — stated in the letter Culkin of October 7, addressed to the head of Department for subsoil use in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Igor Glazunovskogo (RBC has a copy).

At the auction company Chulkina increased payment of 162 times, from 17 million to 2.8 billion rubles ($42.4 million). To pay for the license she had within one month from the date of formal execution of a document for the right to develop the plot — not later than 18 October.

The Minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy confirmed RBC through a representative that “UDS-energy” refused to pay a one-time payment at the auction. Don pointed out that the state will remain a Deposit in the amount of 17 million rubles, paid by the company, since under the terms of the auction it is not returned. According to him, the auction will be held again in 2017.

Who is the Deputy Chulkin

Aleksey Chulkin was born in 1980. His career started as a Manager of Izhevskiy mechanical repair company. From September 2015 it is included in the state Council of the Udmurt Republic, to information on the legislature’s website. In 2006 he became the founder of several companies, including construction materials manufacturer “Uralbeton”, earner of non-metallic materials “Traderelated” and oil company “UDS-Oil”. From March 2016 Chulkin — Chairman of the Udmurt branch of Party growth. He was elected to the state Duma of new convocation, but lost the election.

By the end of 2015, Chulkin earned 61.8 million rubles., the disclosure of incomes of deputies of the state Council of the Udmurt Republic. Chulkin owns four land plots with a total area of 1.5 hectares, five residential buildings from 20 to 101 square meters each and 13 residential spaces ranging from 30 to 740 sq. m each. In addition, an MP has two private railway siding area of 846 sq m. Despite the status of the Deputy, Chulkin is not in the persons holding gosdolzhnosti, so he continues to own and manage a number of assets, RBC said in August his representative.

Email “UDS-energy” as a performer, employee of the company Mykola Frolov declined to comment. Secretary of the “TAC energy” are unable to comment on the situation. He Chulkin at the time of publication of the material on the request of the RBK not answered. Victory “UDS-energy” in the auction is a “great event” not only for the company but for the whole of Udmurtia, told RBC Chulkin after winning the auction. “Victory was not easy. Now a lot of work on the exploration and development of the land,” he said in August. Then Chulkin were planning to hold talks with “several potential partners” about their participation in the project.

According to Rosnedra, Borovichskiy in the auction for the subsoil area in Yakutia with resources of 10 million tons of oil and 165 billion cubic meters of natural gas (reserves have not yet been confirmed) was attended by eight companies: “Rosneft”, “Surgutneftegas”, “daughter” NOVATEK “NOVATEK-Arlanneft”, the “Energy” of former energy Minister Igor Yusufov, “sahatransneftegaz”, owned by the government of Yakutia and others.

Borovichskiy plot is attractive because it passes by the oil pipeline “Eastern Siberia — Pacific ocean”, in which the oil bound for China and other Asian countries. Next must also pass the gas pipeline “Power of Siberia”. The main value Berolahraga phase — in of its proximity to two pipelines, confirms the Dean of geological faculty of the University. Gubkin Sergey Lobusev.

Donskoi said that the Ministry plans to amend legislation allowing for obtaining of subsoil use rights following the winner bidders in such cases. The longest for this plot struggled “Rosneft”, which was ready to pay for the license of 2.73 billion rubles, but stayed in one step away from victory. The representative of “Rosneft” at the time of publication had not responded to a request to RBC.

The representative of “Surgutneftegaz” have refused comments, the representative of the Fund “Energy” has not responded to the request, the representative of NOVATEK until contact has failed.