“United Russia” prepares for election forums

“United Russia” prepares for election forums


Activities in several regions of the country timed to the election campaign of 2017

Photo: RIA NOVOSTI/Alexey kudenko

At the meeting of the Presidium of the General Council “United Russia” (EP) on 6 April, the party intends to discuss the list of regions that will host election forums. According to “Izvestia”, now the main cities are considered Moscow, Yaroslavl and Omsk. After the party will approve the final list, it will be sent to the Bureau of the Supreme Council of the EP, and then approved by the Chairman of the party, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

As said the source “Izvestia” in the EP, in late April the party forum devoted to the issues of the campaign, will be held in Omsk in June in Yaroslavl. With the date of the event in Moscow in the party have not yet decided. In the capital of the “United Russia” will take part in municipal elections.

Recently the party announced the transition of its design and principle of operation. Now the effectiveness of Executive committees and party assets depends on the successful implementation of the so-called party projects, say in the EP. Now there are 25, among them “Urban environment”, “Local culture”, “Health to children” and “Parks and small towns.”

To find out how effectively projects are being implemented in the regions, will be held regional forums. In fact, it will show how strong the position of the party before the September elections, say in the EP.

Secretary of the General Council EP Sergei Neverov at the meeting held on 14 March announced that the final list of cities will be approved with the Chairman of the party Dmitry Medvedev.

Forums will be held in preparation for the procedure of preliminary voting in the regions where we are planning the elections, and just before the single voting day on September 10. Accordingly, all of the proposals we put to discussion with the Chairman of the party, he said.

The interlocutors of “Izvestia”, close to the leadership of “United Russia”, said that the party will choose cities where United Russia “turned out to be unimportant results.”

The list will be finally approved on 6 April at the meeting of the Presidium of the General Council —said the source.

However, interlocutors of “Izvestia” in party say that the list has already been formed and has passed initial approval from the guidance a week ago.

According to the Vice-President of “Center for political technologies” by Rostislav Turovsky, the choice of the party in favour of these markets. The EP selects the city, which proved problematic after the elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation.

— All decisions in this matter proceed from the considerations of political effectiveness. The forums will allow the party to raise both local and Federal agenda in the regions. In particular, the forum in Moscow will allow the EP to make regional events action at the Federal level, — the expert believes.

In the case of Yaroslavl, the analyst said, the region will elect members of the city Council and the Governor of the region. The choice of Omsk is due to the fact that the region in the elections to the city Council may cause significant competition with the Communist party.

— It would be rational to assume that forums can also be held in Yekaterinburg, where the party needs to build on their success in 2016, as well as in Krasnodar, Kaliningrad and Vladivostok where will take place elections of the Governor, — the expert added.

The head of the Agency for political and economic communications, a member of the Supreme Council of the EP Dmitry Orlov also inclined to believe that the party will hold events in the regions that are considered difficult from the standpoint of the election campaign. When you select “United Russia” will focus on the relevance of their party projects in the region, said the analyst.